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The Best of Big Download: September 22-28


Fall has arrived but don't let the leaves turning, the economy busting and the candidates feuding get you down. Big Download has been working hard to give its readers the best in PC game related news, features and downloads. Let's look at the highlights for the first week of autumn 2008.

Exclusive Features
  • Reviews: We give our verdict for the recent release of Introversion Software's multiplayer strategy game Multiwinia
  • Previews: We go hands-on with Atari's upcoming revival, Deer Hunter Tournament.
  • Black Ops PC Games: What major PC games are being developed that you might not know anything about? This feature article has the word on the super-secret games under development.
  • Resurgence of Yesteryear: Classic PC games can be revived but which ones should get new versions using their original graphics and technology? We pick 10 PC games that we want to see come back in their original form.
  • Big Iron: Our regular PC hardware column comes back with a look at how a recent message board discussion over FIFA 09 generated a look at console vs PC hardware.
  • Boot Disk: Our new column on retro PC gaming takes a look at the classic adventure title Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father
  • Mac Monday: Our look at the world of Macintosh gaming continues with examining the unusual action game Miriel the Magical Merchant.
  • MODmonday: Our weekly mod feature continues to look at Max Payne mods; this time its a Max Payne 2 total conversion called Sketchbook Sam that turns the game into a 2D stick figure.
  • Indie Showcase: Our weekly look at indie games continues with a look at titles from the recent Bootleg Demakes competition.
  • Big Ideas: Our weekly look at the "big" game themes goes over a recent Gamasutra article about game journalism
  • Alt-Tab: Our weekly op-ed talks about how "casual" gaming doesn't have to mean "simple"
  • Freeware Friday: It's our weekly look at free games; this time around its for the action-adventure Eternal Daughter
  • BigCast: Our weekly podcast is a special one as we chat with members of Mythic Entertainment to find out what's happening with Warhammer Online after its launch last week.


  • The Suffering [Full Game]: Check out the completely free (ad supported) full version of the action-horror game from Surreal Software and Midway.
  • P.U.R.E. [Full Free Game]: Download the full free version of this independently made strategy game.
  • Mercenaries 2 PC Demo: It's a trial version of the recent open-world action game from Pandemic and EA
  • MOTORM4X Demo: Try out a free demo of this off-road racing game.
  • Sacred 2 German demo: If you can understand it you can play a portion of the upcoming fantasy action-RPG
  • Mercenaries 2 1.1 patch: The full version of the open-world action game gets updated with this patch.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky multiplayer map: Download a new official map for the recect GDC Game World first person shooter.
  • Far Cry 2 videos: We've added a ton of new videos for Ubisoft's upcoming first person shooter, including five videos that show the various points in the game's day-night cycle.

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