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Changes and new features in EVE's latest Empyrean Age patch

James Egan

The next EVE Online update is the Empyrean Age 1.1.1 patch, which deploys on September 30th. It brings with it a number of fixes and a few new features as well. These features are centered around the Jita problems, with three new jumps being added to help players avoid the laggy system: Muvolailen-Maurasi, Maurasi-Perimeter, and Veisto-Sarekuwa. An 'avoid system' option has been added to the autopilot, with a default setting to avoid Jita. Taking the population cap issue a step further, CCP Games is also rolling out an Auto-Move feature to the login process. In the event a player attempts to log in to a system which has already hit its population cap, the player will have the option of moving themself to a neighboring system.

The rest of Empyrean Age 1.1.1 is comprised of smaller fixes and improvements, namely to the user interface and EVE's communication channels -- Voice, Mail, and Chat. In addition, they've fixed a problem where Stabber Fleet Issue ships wouldn't display (or cloak) properly due to an issue with the ship's model in the Trinity graphics engine. These are the changes announced at this time, but see the full patch notes for additional revisions made by CCP as the deployment approaches. Until then, the devs are discussing the changes -- both announced and unannounced -- with players on the official forums.

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