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Eternity's Child still planned for WiiWare, as is ... its retro-style sequel?


Hey, remember Eternity's Child? Not that we ever hear anything about WiiWare games prior to their release, but we haven't heard anything about the WiiWare release of Luc Bernard's multiplatform platformer (multiplatformer?) since before its PC release in August. According to Bernard, publisher Alten8 is working on getting the game out before the end of the year, with an added challenge mode featuring user-created levels.

Bernard has also announced that the planned GBA sequel will be brought out of limbo as another WiiWare release as Eternity's Child 2: Retro Child, for release in the middle of next year. Recent developments seem to have made the environment for retro-style sequels on WiiWare favorable. Bernard is working as a producer and doing concept art on this new game.


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