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Is LotRO coming to the console?

Shawn Schuster

In previous interviews with Turbine, we've heard about their interest in developing an MMO on the console. There was speculation of a Harry Potter MMO, following some venture funding by Warner Bros, but now we have a piece of information that might put the console spotlight back on Lord of the Rings Online.

According to a job posting on Turbine's website, they're looking to hire a Senior User Interface Engineer who "may be refactoring existing user interfaces or implementing completely new user interfaces for systems such as combat, skills, inventory, treasure, and social systems." Does this mean LotRO? There's no question that LotRO is Turbine's largest and most successful game, and this topic has been discussed before. In fact, LotRO's Executive Producer, Jeffrey Steefel has mentioned in the past that "we have the Lord of the Rings license for use on all platforms, and we're determined to use it."

Would you want to see LotRO on a console? Tell us your thoughts!

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