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Shots of Microsoft's Internet Explorer "6 on 6" emerge, Deepfish gets canned

Chris Ziegler

Microsoft revealed that it was working on pumping some much-needed TLC into Internet Explorer Mobile back in April, and now we're finally starting to see some fruits of that labor -- nothing we can touch and play with just yet, but hey, a few honest-to-goodness screen shots are a solid start. Internet Explorer 6 on Windows Mobile 6.1 -- "6 on 6" as it's cleverly being billed -- features both desktop and mobile browsing modes, and more importantly, it looks like it might actually be packing enough horsepower to handle the content being returned to it in desktop mode. We don't know when 6 on 6 will start shipping on devices (or, even better, be available as an upgrade for current handsets), but considering that virtually every WinMo user loads Opera out of the box, it couldn't come soon enough for Microsoft.

In fact, the impetus to get 6 on 6 out the door has taken on an even more urgent undertone, with Microsoft's promising research project Deepfish getting retired at the end of the month. Actually, maybe it won't be retired after all; Microsoft's official Deepfish page says it goes away on September 31, 2008, which -- as best as we can tell from our old-fashioned calendar here, anyway -- doesn't exist.

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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