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Born for Wii: Lemmings (page 3)

Wesley Fenlon

Lemmings also features a 2-player mode, which could easily be expanded in a Wiimake to support four, eight, or more players. The game could support a few modes of play: a simple race mode could support larger groups, in which every player begins a level at the same time and tries to finish first (and save the most Lemmings in the process). A more competitive mode would pit multiple players (more than four may get too convoluted) against one another on the same map. It would still be a race to the finish, but with ChuChu Rocket!-esque lemming stealing and far more chaos on screen. Team play? Even better. Lemmings could even make use of the upcoming WiiSpeak -- after all, it's a strategy game, and trash talking coordination is essential.

All of that falls apart if the game itself doesn't play well. But we know the Wii is entirely capable in that regard. A customizable control scheme would be ideal, but a simple setup on the Wii remote would work something like this.

The Wiimote is used to move a pointer on screen and select individual Lemmings. The D-pad's left and right buttons can be used to quickly scroll through the skill options displayed on-screen, while B can be used to select one and A can be used to select a lemming. This way, there's no chance of accidentally applying a skill to the wrong lemming when simply trying to highlight the individual furball. The – and + buttons would slow down and speed up the lemming flow, which is necessary to pay close attention to -- too many pouring out at once and you're liable to be overwhelmed!

Ultimately, due to how many times it's been around the block, Lemmings would never be a blockbuster big seller on the Wii. However, it's a perfect candidate for a budget-priced release with some new graphics and streamlined gameplay. A WiiWare release is even more likely. Would you get your Lemming on for $10 or $15 on WiiWare? 2D seems to be all the rage these days -- imagine classic Lemmings with new hand-drawn 2D sprites, and their adorability may well reach dangerous levels.

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