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Xbox Live and back online

Update 2: According to Major Nelson's Twitter and various reports from readers, Xbox Live is back online. Again, we'd warn you to expect some rolling restarts as millions of gamers attempt to reconnect. "The storm has passed," Major wrote. "Back to Live you all go." Well, then? Go!

Update 1: Looks like Xbox Live and have gone down again. According to the support page, Microsoft is aware of the issue and is currently working on a solution.

Original Story: Users are emailing us en masse that Xbox Live has just stopped working. Reports are circulating from users across the globe that the online service is no longer allowing players to connect. Xbox Live recently underwent a 26-hour offline maintenance on Monday but throughout the day today users complained of issues from downloading content, playing online games and in minor cases connecting at all. also appears to be having issues as it is not displaying player profiles and is loading pages slowly. Currently,'s support page does not list the service is experiencing any issues other than TruSkill and EXP rewarding problems associated with Halo 3. We'll keep you posted as details come in.

Original Update: According to the Xbox Technical Support phone line Xbox Live is experiencing network issues that are keeping some customers from accessing the service. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is currently working on it and recommends users attempt to reconnect in one hour. Don't shoot the messenger.

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