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    Kodak's Zi6 pocket HD camcorder reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Comically (and accurately, might we add) described as being "about the size of a late 90's mobile phone," Kodak's Zi6 was widely hailed as the first true competitor to the mighty Flip Video. As we completely expected, this bugger was found to be remarkably easy to use by critics at Gadling, though the portable nature and simplistic operations were overshadowed by lackluster image quality. The cam struggled to adjust when whizzed around and when going from dark to light areas, and we were told to just put the thing away rather than attempt to use it in low-light scenarios. Of course, this shooter is only $179, so it still may be perfect for a select group of daylight-lovin' users. Hit the read link for the full review and a quick sample video to help you make up your mind.

    [Via Switched]

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