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LittleBigPlanet devs were making something 'more Portally than Portal'

Justin McElroy

Here's one to slide right between Thrill Kill and Earthosaur: The Terraforming Bike in the "Games We're Sad We'll Never See" file. LittleBigPlanet devs Media Molecule told Kikizo that, before they started work on their user-generated platformer with Sony, they had been crafting a game "more Portally than Portal ... Portal, but with scale factor."

As intriguing as the game sounds, we're more upset we'll never see if Media Molecule could have come up with other incrementally better things. Could they have made an AI more GLaDOSy than GLaDOS or a company more Aperture Sciencier than Aperture Science? We, of course, don't ask if there could be a songwriter more Jonathan Coultony than Jonathan Coulton, as that's a position handily filled by Jonathan CoulT-2000, an android currently in cold storage somewhere in New Mexico.


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