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Rumor: Xbox 360 packing 65nm Jasper boards

Listen: We're not going to say that if you head out to your local GameBlast3000 retail outlet and ask the disinterested staff to find you an Xbox 360 with a Lot number of 0831 or higher, that you'll nab yourself a cool-running 65nm GPU, Jasper-equipped Xbox 360. Some folks posting on the Xbox 360 DVD Drive Database (seven as of publishing time) claim to have nabbed just such a beast; however, not a single one of them has responded to requests in the comments to verify their claim with something as simple as a photograph of the manufacturing label.

Microsoft, of course, wouldn't confirm the shipment of new models, issuing us the boilerplate response, "We are constantly updating internal components on our consoles and therefore will not comment on details of specific components or manufacturing processes." Since we learned that Jasper systems would begin shipping as early as last month, and can speculate that the recent price drop was probably hinged on further lowering the system's manufacturing costs, we fully expect to see Jasper systems any day now. We're just not convinced this is the proof we've been waiting for. Caveat emptor.


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