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Shoe: Game company paid for 'lady companionship' for journalists

Justin McElroy

Dan "Shoe" Hsu has let loose another post delving into the nitty-gritty of games journalism, and if you thought the gift bags and free jet fighting school was extravagant, you're in for one eye-opening Tuesday morning. Among a litany of questionable activity from several companies, Shoe reports: "Tecmo in the past has treated their American journalist guests to evenings out at Japanese hostess bars, watering holes where women are paid to keep customers company (not necessarily in a 'me so horny!' way ... it's more of a 'let me keep filling your drinks and you are so funny and handsome and wonderful and let me hang on to your every word!' male-insecurities-nuking thing)."

Sure, it's not hooker-level scandalous, but it does clear up why so many reviews for Rygar included lines like "the most moving piece of interactive entertainment of this or any other time. There, Yuki, I said it! Now, will you please just ... love me for me?"

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