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Blizzard awarded large payout in 'WoW Glider' case

Michael Zenke

The BBC is reporting that the WoW Glider case (MDY vs. Blizzard) is moving closer to resolution. If you'll recall, the court found in favor of Blizzard Entertainnment back in July, awarding them victory in their long-running feud with 'botting' software. WoW Glider is the best known 'bot software packages, allowing World of Warcraft players to automate their AFK play. Now a damages reward has been awarded to the software developer, to the tune of $US 6 million. The article notes that damages could have been even greater had MDY not won some legal arguments during the court battle.

The piece continues, "The damages award could be delayed if Blizzard appeals against the judgement which threw out its claim to double or triple the cash settlement. The case is due to go to court again in January 2009 when the remaining issues in the legal conflict look likely to be settled." Massively will continue to follow this case as it moves (slowly) towards conclusion.

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