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Mercenaries 2 'Total Payback' update coming this month

Jem Alexander

Did you enjoy Mercenaries 2? Don't answer that just now, because it's not over yet. EA has announced that a patch will be made available for the PS3 version on October 20th. This patch will add a few new features to the game (even though you'll probably be too busy playing Dead Space to notice.) First on the list are cheats, which will allow you to access all the weapons and give yourself infinite ammo and health. Because a game with no challenges is extra fun, right?

The patch will also include six new characters to play as. It will also allow for cross-region co-op play, so you can play with your pals across the world. Not bad for a free update. EA also states that more downloadable content will be following in November, though we suspect this is probably of the paid-for variety. Still, fans of the game have plenty to look forward to. For the rest of us, we'll have to keep ourselves busy with the ridiculous avalanche of games that's about to fall on top of us.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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