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Solar Prometeo concept keeps USB power around your neck

Darren Murph

Oh sure, we've already seen solar jackets, backpacks and all manners of like-minded creations, but having an energized trinket around your neck just seems so much more useful. Dreamed up for Samsung's Young Design contest, the Prometeo is an admittedly large box that could be worn around one's neck or arm and used to suck in energy from the beaming sun; once it's juiced, wearers can simply plug a couple USB devices in there and let the good times roll. Additionally, there's an integrated power meter to let you know just how full / drained the thing is, though we don't see any sort of AC plug in order to power it up in a pinch. We know, you're balking at the size of this thing, but don't you think folks looked at Mr. T funny back in the day? Trendsetting ain't easy, people.

[Via DesignLaunches]

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