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TiVo Suggestions goes kaput in the United Kingdom

Darren Murph

Tough news for the few loyal TiVo users still hanging on over in the UK. The outfit's director of product marketing has affirmed that Series1 UK users have lost a piece of functionality that really set it apart from rivals: TiVo Suggestions. For those unaware, the feature would record similar shows that you might like based on your viewing habits, thus helping you discover content without any real effort on your part. Now, TiVo has regrettably nixed the feature entirely after finding an unavoidable conflict with the new program data supplied by a third-party. Worst of all, it doesn't sound like there's any real hope of the feature returning, so those who already forked out for a lifetime subscription are really feeling the burn right about now.

[Via Blorge, thanks Nick]

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