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U-verse survey hints at new set-top-box, bolstered HD lineup

Darren Murph

Given that AT&T still hasn't rolled its Total Home DVR software out to each of its markets yet, we're having a tough time believing a new set-top-box is just around the bend. Skeptical though we may be, a couple of subscribers have confirmed receipt of an interesting new survey that asked if they would subscribe to "a new STB" that supported the aforementioned TH DVR service, included IR capability and could handle digital programming including HDTV and Dolby 5.1. In addition to that, it asked if the respondent would be willing to cough up an extra $4 for the U400 package or an extra $10 for a total of 90 high-def channels. Call us crazy, but we're thinking that "90" figure is going to be stuck in your head as you wish, hope and pray for your HD lineup to bloom. Good luck with that whole "patience" thing.

[Thanks, Anthony]

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