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First review gives Dead Space 91%, gushes about 'film-worthy' script

Dustin Burg

The first Dead Space review has made its way online and, no surprise to us, it got a pretty damn good review.

CVG spotted the first game review over at Xbox World 360 magazine who gave it a 91% and went as far as to say that Resident Evil developer Capcom should take note of Dead Space, "because EA can teach them a thing or three about survival horror." Ouch. The review goes on to gush about the game's film-worthy script, intense horror themes and describes it as "Rapture in space: every bit as disturbing, just as meticulously designed and easily as believable." We think it's safe to say that if more reviews mirror these kinds of impressions, then Dead Space delivered as promised. Our excitement level rises ...

[Thanks, Jonah F.]

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