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Jared Carr hints at DC Universe Online costume creation

Adrian Bott

City of Heroes is deservedly famous for its costume creator, which allows for a phenomenal amount of variety in character appearance. Champions Online may take that a step further, with multiple textures available for the same item. Obviously, being able to make your character just the way you want them is a very big deal in hero games. But what about the most mysterious of the superhero MMOs, DC Universe Online?

Art director Jared Carr has posted some early details to his blog. Jared explains that 'you can choose from a variety of body sizes, silhouettes and hairstyles', which isn't much of a surprise; however, DCUO will feature something neither CoX nor CO have, which is costume pieces limited by origin. 'If you are a tech-based character (like Cyborg) you will have different costume options than a magic based character (like Dr. Fate).' Jared also mentions that costumes can be altered over time if you wish, a feature CoH didn't have at launch and rapidly adopted.

We're torn over the decision to make costume pieces origin-dependent. There's certainly an argument in favor, as a cyborg who looks like a cyborg (rather than, say, a pigtailed schoolgirl with kitty ears, angel wings and hooves) adds coherence to the game world. Origins in DCUO look like they will actually matter, as opposed to CoH where they are barely relevant at all. Whether you prefer limited options or full freedom of customization, it's intriguing to see DCUO taking such a different approach to the other two contenders.

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