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Left 4 Dead demo coming early November

We're ready, zombie-plan in hand for the upcoming apocalypse -- sponsored by Valve. While we're confident our survival guide is top-notch we wouldn't mind a test run before the actual catastrophic event takes place, luckily Doug Lombardi confirmed a Left 4 Dead demo is headed our way soon.

Speaking with IGN, Lombardi -- VP of Marketing at Valve -- confirmed an upcoming demo of Left 4 Dead will drop prior to the game hitting store shelves and will take place, "from the front of the Survivor's first campaign (including the opening movie)." The two map (or level) demo showcases the first two missions of the game where four survivors attempt to work their way to the roof of Mercy Hospital for extraction.

While a specific date for the demo has not been confirmed, Lombardi did tell IGN that gamers should expect the demo to land on the Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam early in the month of November. Left 4 Dead hits stores on November 17.

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