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Legends of Norrath Ethernauts loot card preview

Michael Zenke

We've been walking through some previews of the Legends of Norrath cards over the last two weeks, and now SOE has some more 'fun stuff' to show off. We have three brand-new loot cards to show off. Two are transformations for your EverQuest II character, and the third is a brand-new pet for your EverQuest character. Check out Allakhazam for even more EQ2 and EQ loot card hijinks!. Plus, keep your eyes on Massively for more loot card information soon, and another preview card through next week!


Well met, fellow Norrathian! Make sure to check out all of our coverage of the next EverQuest II expansion, The Shadow Odyssey as well as Seeds of Destruction, the next expansion to EverQuest!

Shapechanges the user into a mannequin.

Worgs are trained for combat from the moment they are born. Summons a spiked worg that increases the owner's attack by up to 50 and grants a damage shield.

Fills the user's eyes with visions of fury.

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