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Nintendo DSi vs. PSP-3000 vs. iPod Touch, v1.0

Ross Miller

Note: Relative sizes approximate
Now that we have some concrete details about the Nintendo DSi -- which bears more than a few similarities between its multimedia competitors -- let's size it up against the PSP-3000 and Apple's "gaming handheld" the iPhone/iPod Touch. Remember this is based on tech specifications and not on games library. We'll keep updating as we get more news from Nintendo about its just-announced portable.

Nintendo DSi
iPhone / iPod Touch
Screen Size Two 3.25-inch displays 4.3-inch display 3.5-inch display
Screen Resolution 256 x 192 480 x 272, 16m colors 480×320
CPU speed / type One 67 MHz (ARM) and one 33 MHz ARM7TDMI2 MIPS R4000-based; clocked from 1 to 333 MHz 620 MHz ARM 1176, underclocked to 412 MHz
Form Factor 5.85 x 3.33 x 0.99 inches1 6.7 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches
4.5 × 2.4 x 0.48 inches (iPhone); 4.3 × 2.4 × 0.33 inches (iPod Touch)
Camera 2 cameras, one with VGA resolution Optional Go!Cam, 1.3 megapixels iPhone has 2 megapixel camera
Memory SD slot, internal storage (unknown size) Memory Stick (up to 16GB) 8-32GB internal storage
Internet Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi (iPhone also has EDGE or 3G)
Browser Yes Yes Yes
Online Store Yes (DSi Shop) Yes (PS Store) Yes (App Store)
Touch Screen Yes (single touch)
No Yes (multi-touch)

1: Approximate size, based on Nintendo's assertion that DSi is 12 percent thinner than DS Lite
2: Architecture of the DS Lite and, as noted, subject to change pending official release notes

Update: Massively has a comparison piece on the MMO potential of the three portables.

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