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Tretton: PS3 sales 30% better than expected, warns of shortages

Alan Tsang

Maybe some of us are worried about the economy and how it might affect us. But you know who isn't worried? Sony isn't. Not at all.

Speaking to Reuters, Jack Tretton said that they have no plans to alter their sales targets for this year, despite the economic downturn. PlayStation 3 sales, in particular, we better than what Sony expected. In fact, they are around 30% better than projected and 100% higher than last year, the SCEA president disclosed. Therefore, the 10 million unit target set earlier this year is predicted to be met by the end of the fiscal year. There might even be shortages, warns Tretton, which might affect sales. "I'd say we are able to meet somewhere between 80-90 percent demand, based on how things are trending,"

The PSP is doing just dandy as well. Sony hopes to have 15 million units sold by the end of the year and the sales numbers are currently 20-30% higher than what they expected. Finally, Tretton reiterated the value provided by the PS3, especially with consumers watching what they are spending, will lead to strong sales "The entertainment value ... with PlayStation 3 compares very favorably to other entertainment choices."

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