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Warhammer game update 1.01 released

Michael Zenke

There have already been several different hot fixes to Warhammer Online, including a fairly substantial patch addressing some important RvR issues. Despite that, we haven't had any of the usual announcements and arcane numbering that accompanies proper MMO patches. Thus, it's heartening to see that the first 'official' patch to WAR is now on the live servers. Game Update (yes, that's apparently what they went with) 1.01 pulls together a number of different fixes and adds quite a few new features to the game. Here are the highlights.
  • They've added in an auto-loot mechanic; as per the norm it can be supressed by holding down the shift key.
  • Tab-targetting should be more reliable now, as will the /ignore command and the friends list.
  • More improvements have been made to pathing for both pets and mobs; pets should act more reliably, while mobs should respect their 'rooted' status.
  • The chat interface has been improved in several respects.
That's just a taste of the whole show; you can check out the full patch notes on the official Warhammer Herald site.

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