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Alan Wake cinematic trailer to debut October 15th

Dustin Burg

The rumor was true! Developer Remedy will be debuting a new cinematic trailer for Alan Wake on October 15th at Finland's Max Payne movie premiere. For serious!

Finnish magazine Pelaaja just uploaded an exclusive interview with Alan Wake lead writer Sami Järven (recapped on the Alan Wake forums due to it being in Finnish) and informed us that a new Alan Wake cinematic trailer would debut during the Max Payne movie premier at the Finnkino movie theaters on October 15th. The trailer will only feature in-game cinematics and no actual gameplay, because Remedy is still holding their cards close to their chest. But, to hold you over for the next few weeks, Remedy released a screen-grab teaser from the upcoming Alan Wake cinematic trailer. Anyone excited to see what Remedy has been up to for the past 12 years?


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