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Cooking Guide, Maths Training, Walking Rhythm DS rebranded for US


One of the less-reported announcements from Nintendo's conference is the "Personal Trainer" series of games. We were a bit confused to see the announcement of Personal Trainer: Cooking when we're still waiting for Cooking Guide. And then about two seconds later we figured it out. Personal Trainer: Cooking is Cooking Guide. We're guessing, but it seems like a fairly uncontroversial guess.

Nintendo's press release about the conference details Personal Trainer: Cooking and two other Personal Trainer titles that make it much more obvious that these are existing/known training games. Personal Trainer: Math is "a collection of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills based on the Kageyama method." Which means it's Maths Training, released in Europe back in February. And Personal Trainer: Walking "will introduce a wireless pedometer, letting consumers not only track every step they take, but also turn walking into interactive entertainment." It must be Aruite Wakaru Seikatsu Rhythm DS (Learn by Walking Rhythm DS), then!

Cooking will be released on November 24, and the other two will appear sometime next year.

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