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Get Jiggy with new Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts video and screens


We got to spend a little more time behind the controls of Rare's re-invention of its Mario-esque N64 platforming series and ... it was pretty much a more polished version of what we tried out at E3. The vehicle creation element of the game is still its most endearing aspect by far, and we continue to be struck by the non-platform-game-ness of it all. (What with Kazooie being relegated to wielding a wrench and the fact that most of the game is based around purpose-built vehicles.)

It's no longer a hardcore platformer; the game instead feels skewed toward a younger (or at least wider) audience -- although we're pretty confident that series diehards will still find it enjoyable (especially the vehicle creation). We'll have multiplayer impressions next week; until then, check out these latest screens and video of wild bear-bird (or is it bird-bear?) action.

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