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Massively's WAR Camp: How to get the Tracker set gear

William Dobson

Equipment does play a role in how well your character performs in Warhammer Online, so it's only natural that you'll be wanting to keep your toon outfitted in the best gear that is available to you. This week we're taking a look at the Tracker armor, which is a 3-piece set for Tier 2 players, and offers bonuses if you wear more than one piece. The set is obtained through quests that get you to kill other players, as well as Hero mobs, mixing a bit of PvE and RvR together.

The first stage of each quest involves killing a certain number of players, often of a particular class. There is then a second step to kill a Hero mob that usually requires a group. If you take the trouble to get all three pieces, you'll complete an entry in the Armory section of your Tome of Knowledge and earn yourself a new title as a nice little extra. We've gone through all of the quests needed to get the Tracker set, so click through to our gallery guide to get yourself equipped!

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