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Ninja Bee's Boingz! coming this month to WiiWare [update]


Bite-sized games developer Ninja Bee and Real Networks have announced Boingz! The WiiWare title was just presented at Nintendo's press conference, so all we've got at the moment is initial impressions, which give us a smaller LittleBigPlanet meets LocoRoco feel.

The 2D-3D puzzle platformer has players controlling elastic creatures -- we believe are called The Boingz, which have similar powers to Gloop and Gleep from The Herculoids -- that can be grabbed, stretched and flicked across the 30 levels in the game. We've contacted Ninja Bee's PR team for more details and images. Update: Boingz has been submitted to Nintendo for approval and will be out this month. Either Oct. 20 or 27.

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