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Nintendo's mystery pedometer linked to DS "fitness game" (updated)


Hey, remember that odd Nintendo pedometer we spied the other day? Well now we've got a possible explanation for its existence. According to info from our homeboys at Joystiq and some dirt we've dug up, the device -- dubbed the Life Rhythm Counter -- will be tied to a fitness game for the DS (and new DSi, we assume). The hardware will sell for ¥1800 (or about $17), and the game will be the first title to allow Wii Miis to be transferred to the handheld. Needless to say, the entire Engadget team has begun rigorous training to prepare for the totally raw competition which will commence once this device / game is available.

Update: It turns out the game is called Walking Can Tell Your Life Rhythm DS (translated from Japanese, of course), and we've got video after the break showing it (and the hardware) in action.

[Via Joystiq]

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