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No more clickety-clack, Resident Evil 5 drops typewriters

Jason Dobson

Chris Redfield can look forward to aerating the not-quite-undead with a conveniently placed shotgun in Resident Evil 5. However, he won't have to worry about uncovering the African village's lone typewriter in order to record his progress in the event an errant bite finds its mark.

1UP reports that the upcoming horror-cum-action game will forego the series' previous means of saving games using typewriters, and will instead feature "a combination of checkpoints and chapters." This according to RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi, who admits that he 'really likes' typewriters, though we imagine he has no love lost for tradition. We'll fight back the tears as we pour over these latest screens. Typewriter, we'll miss you.

[Via X3F]

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