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TUAW Tip: Control the iTunes visualizer

Cory Bohon

By now you've probably had the opportunity to play around with the new iTunes Visualizer in iTunes 8. It's pretty cool, eh? Just like the previous visualizer, you can control this one with a few, simple key strokes. By pressing "?" while the visualizer is running, you are presented with a list of keys that customize the visualizer.

  • ? - Shows/hides the help screen
  • M - Changes the mode
  • P - Changes the color palette
  • I - Displays the track information for the currently playing song
  • C - Toggles "auto-cycle" (which is turned on by default)
  • F - Toggles the "freeze mode"
  • N - Shows/hides the "smoke" in the background
  • L - Toggles camera lock
Know of any more cool key combos for iTunes visualizers? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

Thanks to Luke and others for the tip!

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