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Linger In Shadows steps into the light this Thursday

Jem Alexander

A new PlayStation Blog post, written by Rusty Buchert (not to be confused with the PS3 Fanboy janitor, Rusty Bucket) who is the Senior Producer for Linger In Shadows, has revealed when we can finally get our hands on it. Buchert nonchalantly mentions that it'll be available on October 9th, but neglects to mention any pricing information. He also finally tells us a little something about the project's background.

Buchert is keen to state that Linger In Shadows is not a game. Then what is it? " It is an experiment with the demoscene and it is an experiment in Interactive Digital Art." Historically, the demoscene has been a community who developed passive audio-visual "demos" which attempted to push the boundaries of a piece of technology. Linger In Shadows bucks the trend by allowing people to interact with their creation. Hence the trophies.

So, based on that, we wouldn't be surprised if Linger In Shadows was released for free. Even if it's not, we're intrigued to check out what Plastic have been creating (in their spare time, no less). Check out the PlayStation Blog for more details.

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