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PIE United cranks out HD-0310 1080p Digital Photo Viewer

Darren Murph

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If you don't have quite enough set-tops sitting underneath your HDTV, we've got one more to fill that tiny gap over there on the right. PIE United has introduced a rather quizzical device aimed at folks who love to show off photos of their journeys around the world on the big screen. The HD-0310 1080p Digital Photo Viewer connects up via HDMI and supports 12 types of flash cards along with USB drives; in addition to photos, it'll play back video clips and MP3 files. Oh, and just in case you're fresh out of HDMI ports, this thing packs a single input in order to connect another HDMI device and switch between the two. Not too sure how much this will run the layman, but outfits looking to buy in bulk should be able to land a killer deal.

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