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    Sony's 18.4-inch VAIO VGN-AW190 gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Time to face the music, folks -- 18.4-inches is the new 17-inch. Sony's recently unveiled VAIO AW is undoubtedly going toe-to-toe with HP's new HDX 18t, and while both will garner all sorts of stares from onlookers, it appears that the VGN-AW190 may have an edge in terms of extras. For starters, this unit's Adobe RGB-compatible display will be mighty impressive to those who dabble in photos to make ends meet, and the included RAM, CPU and Blu-ray drive were all smiled upon. Strangely enough, Sony tossed in a pathetically slow 4,200RPM hard drive to put a damper on overall performance, but that -- along with the $3k+ sticker -- was the only real weak spot. Overall, critics found that this machine would likely suit graphic designers and photographers quite well, but the average joe / jane may not appreciate the pricey extras enough to make it worthwhile.

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