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Deals: Mercenaries 2 for $45, free gift card with 360 and more

Dustin Burg

As is customary every Sunday, we diligently looked through the Sunday retail ads on the search for Xbox 360 related deals, discounts and offers. So here you go shoppers, enjoy the money savings fruit of our ad searching labor.

Starting off with Best Buy, they're giving away a free RC Centaur tank with Gears of War 2: CE pre-orders (available when game picked up) and Toys R Us has the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith bundle for $79. Over at Circuit City, they're giving away a free $20 game with purchase of an Xbox 360 Elite, are giving out life-size Tony Parker growth charts with NBA Live 09, and they're selling Mercenaries 2 to $45. Finally, Target stores are offering a free $40 gift card with the purchase of NBA Live 09 and an Xbox 360 Pro 60GB. Shop on!

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