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Hippus' HandshoeMouse makes pointing, clicking less strenuous

Darren Murph

Another month, another ergonomic mouse. Somehow, against all odds, we've found ourselves believing that this one may actually make a difference. Who knows -- maybe it's the fact that Hippus' HandshoeMouse was developed at two medical universities in Holland and not in someone's basement. Or maybe it's because "extensive medical studies support the concept." At any rate, the critter -- which enables the user to "place the whole palm of their hand on the mouse without having to cling on to it" -- comes in a trio of sizes based on how humongous / diminutive your gripper is and can be purchased now in black or white for €120 ($166). For ultimate carpal tunnel shielding, we'd recommend use of it with the LapWorks Gamers Desk... but only if you're okay with being single forever.

[Via HotHardware]

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