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Vest to allow WoW players to feel the pain


You know, our characters take a lot of punishment on a day to day basis. We may get roasted in hellfire, sliced nearly in two, buried alive, or disemboweled in the course of a regular game day. Yet through it all, our characters just keep coming back for more.

Haven't you sort of wondered how our characters must feel at the end of a long day of punishment like that? Haven't you ever wanted to feel just for a moment, what they go through?

Okay, neither have I. In fact, I'd have to say that I'm allergic to pain. But just in case we ever get the bug, here comes the next evolution of the good old rumble pack: The TN games 3rd Space Vest which uses a system of 8 pneumatic cells to deliver blows with varying levels of force based on action in game.

Sure, technically rumble force vests aren't exactly new. In fact, this one came out back in March. But as our Sister Site Massively mentions, it's WoW-compatible. Specifically, it's being demo'd with WoW at the E for All Expo.

Before you make plans to see how it feels to forget to activate your Tears of the Goddess though, be warned: It currently only sells in the UK. Of course, if they're demoing it at E3, maybe they'll get us a version out here sooner or later.

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