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Reporting gold spammers in WAR now easier than ever

James Egan

The gold seller scourge has fallen upon Warhammer Online, as you've likely noticed. But Mythic Entertainment has taken some rather extreme measures to silence the incessant spamming. To help reach that goal, they're making it easier for players to report gold selling activity and harassment. In keeping with their zero-tolerance policy on gold spamming, Mythic states, "We are committed to making life as hard as we can for Gold Sellers in game and maximizing player enjoyment. To that end we have added a new tool to streamline the gold seller reporting process."

That tool is found within the Appeal Interface, as the stand-alone category "GOLD/PL SALES" -- and is not found within the Violation category (which is used for most other types of harassment) as you might expect. Submitting these appeals via the GOLD/PL SALES category is a straightforward matter, as shown below the cut:

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  • Make sure you place the player's exact name in the first window, which asks for the player name.
  • Place the text the player sent you in the second window, which asks for details about what was sent. Also note if this solicitation came in the form of in-game chat (any channel), or through the mail system.
  • Only submit one appeal per solicitor. Do not try to place multiple names in the first box, as the appeal will fail.
There you go. Pretty simple, but what's your take on this? From what you've seen thus far, is Mythic doing a good job in stemming the tide of gold spam?

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