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Timesplitters 4 teaser: Revenge of the Simian

Jem Alexander

"Every game has a sequel." Oh, if only that were true. In the case of Timesplitters: Future Perfect, however, it is. Timesplitters 4 is well and truly in production. We're happy about it, but not as optimistic as we might have been before a certain narcotic-and-war-condemning title was released over Summer. Still, our hopes are high that Free Radical's next project will be a little less pretentious and a little more fun, like other Timesplitters games were.

A new video has appeared on the Free Radical website. It doesn't show a lot but, like the first teaser, it shows of more what we can expect from the game; monkeys and pop-culture parody. While the video is cute (particularly the very end), we desperately want to see some actual game footage. Still, a monkey in a suit is better than nothing. Right?

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