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A data-fueled examination of Warhammer Online's launch

Kyle Horner

GamerDNA has a very interesting article taking a look at the effect of Warhammer Online's launch on games like World of Warcraft and Age of Conan. It was written by our most recent guest on Massively Speaking, Sanya Weathers. They've primarily watched the login rates of 250 players since beta who'd been certain that they'd pick up the title on launch day and the results are quite interesting. Neither World of Warcraft nor Age of Conan seem immediately affected by the game's launch, but that hasn't stopped its numbers from skyrocketing among the group of test players. Strangely enough, it also seems like the launch of Warhammer Online has caused people to play more games in general, including Lord of the Rings Online and Spore.

The coolest thing about all of this is that GamerDNA plans to continue its data mining over the coming months in order to build up a big pile of information. WAR has undoubtedly made a big splash in the ocean of MMOs and we can't wait to see if any big waves -- either good or bad -- come of it.

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