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Blu-ray releases on October 7th 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

There are a few day and date releases this week, but we don't think any of them are the biggest title of the week. Sure Sleeping Beauty doesn't fit in the Blu-ray demographic, it does mark a significant milestone in Blu-ray's path to replacing DVD. In fact it marks the very first Disney Classic to be released on Blu-ray, which we're sure will help more than one father convince his wife they need to go Blu. Next up is You Don't Mess with the Zohan, which although it looks down right silly, it is sure to be good for a few laughs. The rest of the lineup this week is all Halloween, all the time, as just about every studio goes into its catalog to release every horror classic we can think of. But if you think this is a big week, just wait until next week. For starters The Matrix Trilogy finally drops on Blu, but there are also plenty of other catch up titles from Universal and one or two more from Warner. Those alone would make some week for Blu, but we haven't even mentioned the latest Indiana Jones movie which is sure to be a hot seller. While no one truly knows the future of Blu-ray, there's little doubt that we will have a much better look into the future after this holiday season thanks to every studio throwing everything they have to make Blu-ray successful.


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