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Forum post of the day: The challenge

Amanda Dean

As a whole was as WoW players are a pretty tough crowd to please. This is probably because of the diversity of the player base as well as the variable goals that we set for ourselves. We range from casual PvPers to hard core raiders. We all have our fair share of complaints, but judging by the games massive popularity, it seems Blizzard has done a decent job of responding to the competing demand of its subscribers.

Amgusrex of Moon Guard is concerned that play in Wrath of the Lich King will not be challenging enough. He feels that Blizzard does a disservice to players by nerfing the difficulty of content with progressive patching. His post is pretty inflammatory, calling others cry babies and pointing toward a "massive population that is bad at video games." Taking a look at the Original Poster's Armory profile, I have to assume that he is not posting on his main, because if he is he still has to over come many challenges himself before declaring the game "easy mode."

The original post attracted Bornakk's attention, who pointed out that there are still plenty of folks still working through content and gearing up their characters. He also assured the OP that the next expansion will have challenges for all players. In a later post he pointed out that while Level 70 will be released, the expansion will not require all players to have Tier 6 gear in order to be able to play.

Over the years, Blizzard has eased up on many things, for example increased leveling from 20-60, the abolition of attunements, and the creation of multiple methods of obtaining epic gear. The achievements offer a new set of challenges. You can always make up your own challenges like level 1 to 60 without leaving your starting continent, race against the clock to the Sunwell, let's say 1 month of real time, or maybe keep a Lovely Black Dress and a Bouquet of Black Roses equipped at all times, even in instances. The possibilities are endless.

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