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LotRO token collecting game extended until November 4th

Shawn Schuster

If you've found yourself excited by the tin, silver, gold and platinum token drops from Lord of the Rings Online this last weekend, you'll be happy to hear that these token drops have been extended until November 4th. These tokens were brought back as part of the Welcome Back Weekend, encouraging previous players to come check out LotRO for free before Mines of Moria releases, later this fall.

What use are these tokens? Free stuff! What other reason do you need? Ok, to be more specific, you can get some amazing items by trading these tokens in to the trader NPCs. There's crit consumables, special cosmetic outfits, Beryl shards and much more! So if you missed what you thought would be an event that only lasted through the weekend, this four week extension gives you no more excuses. Get out there and grab some tokens!

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