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New corner HDTV mount from Peerless

Ben Drawbaugh

We suppose it's alright to mount an HDTV just about anywhere you can think of as long as it isn't above a fireplace or on the ceiling, but without the right mount there are some limits to your options. We're always looking for new mounts that will open up the possibilities and this corner mount from Peerless Mounts hits the spot corner. The line consists of three mounts that'll let you put HDTVs between 32 and 60 inches in the corner of your room. If you can live without the ability to pull and swivel your set, the mount will run you about $300 depending on the size of your TV (the swivel version is $650). For another $99, you can even get the accessory shelf for a STB, but we're not sure how well an IR remote would work with it back there.

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