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Oceanic Time Warner Cable adds 4 HD channels in Oahu and Kauai

Darren Murph

We can say with a straight face that there's hardly a time in Hawaii where watching HDTV trumps being out and about amidst paradise, but even those who can't spend enough time on pristine beaches need to kick back and catch some high-def entertainment every now and then. Oceanic Time Warner Cable has just announced that customers on the islands of Oahu (pictured) and Kauai will soon (read: this week) be treated to four new HD stations: Hallmark Movie Channel HD (1453), FOX Business HD (1108), Big Ten Network HD (1248) and Travel Channel HD (1325). When the additions are made, Oceanic TWC will offer a full 42 stations in Hawaii, giving you one less reason to resist the urge of buying that one-way ticket to OGG / HNL / KOA / etc.

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