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Samsung Omnia passes FCC with North American 3G, for real this time?

Chris Ziegler

There was an awful lot of hullabaloo after an SGH-i907 passed the FCC a few weeks back that we might be dealing with an AT&T-branded Omnia in our midst, going off the logic that Samsungs destined for AT&T typically end with the number 7 and the original Omnia is dubbed the i900. More recent intel suggests that this is actually an Americanized i780, though, leaving everyone wondering whether the western hemisphere would ever see a version of Sammy's WinMo superphone equipped with the right 3G bands. The answer appears to be a tentative "yes," now that we have an i900L in the FCC's business featuring WiFi and WCDMA 850 / 1900. It's not a sure thing, clearly -- but if Samsung were to release a model to the North American market called "i900L" with no bearing to the i900 whatsoever, we'd seriously lose our cool.

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