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SOE: All of our future MMOs will appear on consoles

Alan Tsang

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley spoke to MTV Multiplayer in a post-New York Games conference interview to talk about their plans for future MMOs under their wing. Smedley clarifies a few things; the PlayStation 3 versions of The Agency and DC Universe Online will arrive the same day as the PC version, there's "a chance, maybe" Sony will use a non-subscription-based model for their upcoming MMOs, and finally, the Smedley confirms that "all of SOE's MMOs will appear on consoles from now on."

Smedley has stated beforehand that MMOs will become a selling point on the PS3, so this doesn't come as a surprise. However, it looks like SOE is leaning against having PS3-PC cross-platform play for upcoming titles The Agency and DCUO due to their potential inability to provide simultaneous content updates. Will this lack of cross-platform play spell the end of MMOs on the PS3 or can console owners sustain their own community?

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