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Verizon gets official with Motorola VU204, Rapture, and Samsung Sway

Chris Ziegler

As expected, Motorola's VU204 and VU30 flips have teamed up with Samsung's Sway slider for announcement on Verizon today, bringing an interesting range of new hardware from the low to the upper midrange. Unfortunately, this is a case where "interesting" isn't necessarily a good thing; for example, we find it "interesting" that the Sway (pictured right) runs a cool 70 bucks on contract after rebate yet doesn't feature EV-DO, a feature we'd assume was now standard in a handset of this price. At any rate, it's got a 2-megapixel cam and a media player with microSD expansion, so we'll cut it some slack. On the Moto side, the VU204's an ultra-basic piece that "meets everyday, on-the-go needs" (that's code for "ultra-basic," by the way) with a VGA cam and Bluetooth; it runs just $29.99 on activation. The Rapture VU30 (pictured left) does a 2-megapixel camera, touch-sensitive external display, and EV-DO, running a stiffer $129.99 on contract. The Sway and VU30 are available now, while the VU204 follows on come October 14.

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