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EVE Fanfest 2008 PvP Tournament details announced in video

James Egan

We've mentioned that EVE Online's next PvP tournament will be unusual, featuring a mix of ship combat (as expected) and mining (completely unexpected). The end result promises to be wonderfully chaotic and offers something interesting for players of all types, whether hardcore PvP-er or carebear. In fact, this also creates the new possibility of having industry-focused players giving tournament commentary alongside the PvP veterans, but there's been no word on this to date.

While EVE's PvP tournament viewers at Fanfest 2008 can look forward to the pandemonium of coordinating mining lasers with missile fire, it's a safe assumption that the tournament participants themselves would like to know how this is expected to go down. CCP Games now has a video explaining how the tournament will work, and has posted two charts showing the brackets of the EVE Fanfest 2008 PvP Tournament schedule. In fact, devs CCP Mindstar and CCP Claw were filmed randomly drawing teams from a 'hat' and matching them up, which was later solidified into the schedule.

The dev announcement also points out the rules of the tournament (also explained in video) and the official Fanfest 2008 PvP Tournament FAQ. While online team registration is closed and most of the team slots have been filled for the 2008 tournament, eight remain open, allowing more teams to sign up in-person on Thursday, November 6th at the EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik.

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