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Jamo intros IW 827 in-wall speaker to the world, DMR 70 DVD receiver to US

Steven Kim

Jamo is embracing streamlined AV gear with its latest two product introductions -- the IW 827 LCR in-wall speaker is totally new, and the DMR 70 DVD receiver is new to US shores. The IW 827 LCR is a 2.5-way speaker with a 1-inch tweeter, 7-inch mid/woofer and a 7-inch woofer that directs sound ever so slightly downwards, so be sure to place them high on the wall. Once you've hidden the speakers, you can grab a DMR 70 DVD receiver to complete the minimalist look. The DMR 70 adds 5x65-Watts of Class D amplification to the 2-inch high upscaling DVD player. With the IW 827s going for $800 each and the DMR 70 coming in at $449, there might not be too much market overlap here, but putting fashion first can make for some unexpected component matches.

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